Monthly Platform

Month in Review: May 2023

The main feature we released in May was feature toggling. Also, the dbt transformation component was updated, and we added reverse DNS entries for all our IP addresses in specific stacks.

Feature Toggling is Available for All Users

We added an option that allows users to turn specific features on or off. That means you can change the behavior of your project and account simply by turning a feature on or off. Read more details in a separate announcement.

Minor Updates


We updated all the dbt transformations. Execution steps are now editable and support arguments. Also, it is now possible to change the version of the dbt backend.

Reverse DNS entries

To simplify identification, our outbound IP addresses on AWS stacks (except for legacy services) now have reverse DNS records. Each IP address has a unique name like, which has an embedded reference for a support email address. Read the documentation on IP addresses.

Worth mentioning

  • An option to toggle the presence of the internal _timestamp column has also been added to the UI.
  • Create Table Definition is now available for everyone, so there is no longer any need to ask us to turn it on.
  • Job runner now injects the env variable KBC_COMPONENT_RUN_MODE into a component. Possible values are run or debug . Any component can modify its behavior based on the value of this variable. For example, the logs produced by a component could be made more verbose when debugging. Read more in the documentation on environment variables.

New components

Read about the new components that we introduced in May in separate announcements: