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Month in Review: April 2023

Keboola CLI now supports storage operations, allowing users to manage storage buckets, tables, and files through the command-line interface. The Storage API now fully supports JSON in request bodies, deprecating the use of form-data.

Keboola CLI Support for Storage Operations

The Keboola CLI now has new commands to operate on the Storage of your project.

We’ve added new commands for managing storage buckets, tables, and files in your project through the CLI. These commands are available in v2.15 and beyond. Please check the full announcement below.

Storage Support in CLI
We are happy to announce that our Keboola CLI tool has new commands to operate on the Storage of your project.

Storage API Supports JSON in Request Bodies

Although it’s still possible to send a form-data body, we’re formally deprecating this approach moving forward. Read more in the post below.

Keboola Storage API Supports JSON in All Requests
When using form-data in an API request, you are limited to simple key-value pairs. However, this limitation can now be overcome by using JSON instead.

Onetime Email Notifications for Jobs

Onetime Email Notifications for Jobs
No more constantly checking the platform for updates. Subscribe and receive emails that will let you know when your job has completed.

Recurring Payments for PAYG Projects

We’ll automatically detect when you are running out of minutes and recharge your account with a specific amount. You can set a maximum number of recharges per month.

Minor UI Updates

  • On the configuration versions page, it is now possible to see the whole configuration, not just a comparison with the previous version.
  • When adding a new template to a project, you can now filter templates by categories and sort the templates by name—same as in components catalog.
  • Table export is now possible in CSV and XLSX formats. Read more in a separate announcement.
  • It is now possible to sort jobs by their duration and the time they were created (ascending or descending). This can be especially useful when debugging or optimizing a project.
  • Also, the jobs filter has been redesigned and it is now possible to filter by duration, configuration rows, or users.

Other Important Updates

Display Name Synchronization for Tables from Linked Buckets

If you change the display name of a table in the source bucket, this change will be reflected in all linked buckets. Also, an event is fired when this change is made.

R Runtime 4.2.2

A new version of the R runtime is available (R 4.2.2).  It’s not the default version yet, so must select it in the create transformation/workspace dialog.

All commands related to templates are available for everyone (no need to enable them via a private beta environment variable).

Reminder: New Outbound IP Addresses for Keboola Connection

We are adding new outbound IP addresses for the and stacks for Queue v2. You can read more in this announcement.