Storage Support in CLI

We are happy to announce that our Keboola CLI tool has new commands to operate on the Storage of your project.

We've added new commands for managing storage buckets, tables, and files in your project through the CLI. These commands are available in v2.15 and beyond.


Uploading and downloading files has never been easier. Use the remote file upload command to upload files, and the remote file download command to download them.

Buckets and Tables

These commands can be used to manage the buckets and tables in your project.

To create new buckets and tables, use the create bucket and create table commands, respectively.

The resulting tables will be empty, so you may want to use the table import command to import some data. The table unload command can be used to take data out of a table and store it in a file.

For convenience, we've added the table upload and table download commands, which combine the file upload + table import and table unload + file download operations into just one command.

These new commands may be a little heavy if you are dealing with a lot of data. If you just want a quick sample, use the table preview command.

At the moment, all commands operate directly on a project. This means that any changes you make using the CLI are immediately applied to your project. We have plans to add support for managing buckets and tables locally using definition files just like component configurations, so stay tuned!

Check out our documentation to learn more.