Platform Monthly

Month in Review: September 2022

Here are all the changes we made in September, 2022.

Use Cases in Beta in Azure NE

We are happy to let you know that Use Cases are now available in public beta in the Azure Northern Europe stack. You can easily set up a flow process to get data from various sources, like Shopify, HubSpot, or advertising platforms, and send data to Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, ThoughtSpot, and many others.

Major UI Updates

Minor UI Updates

  • We added support for $$ (double-dollar) when defining procedures in Snowflake transformations.
  • In projects with many tables, you should not notice any lag when browsing through tables in input or output mapping (tables are rendered lazy).
  • It is now possible to change a branch name in the UI (previously possible only via API).
  • Added an option to set the Orchestration/Flow schedule to "weekly" and specify the exact hours when you want to schedule.
  • We tuned the workflow for table exporting. It is now possible to see previous exports. Also, a notification will pop up in the platform when a longer export is prepared.

Other Updates

  • For projects with Queue v2, we fixed status propagation. If a child job ends with an error status, the parent job no longer ends with a terminated status.
  • A new version of Keboola CLI has been released. Version v2.8.0 adds support for various dbt commands.
  • We have removed multiple IP addresses from the AWS stack outbound IPs. These addresses are still owned by Keboola but they are not used by Keboola Connection anymore and can be safely removed from customers' firewalls. Read more in our documentation.