Engineering Team


Telemetry: Classification Changes for Data Apps

We are continually streamlining our offerings and providing clearer categorizations. Thus, we have made a significant change to how Keboola data apps are classified within our system.

Monthly Platform

Month in Review: April 2023

Keboola CLI now supports storage operations, allowing users to manage storage buckets, tables, and files through the command-line interface. The Storage API now fully supports JSON in request bodies, deprecating the use of form-data.


Onetime Email Notifications for Jobs

No more constantly checking the platform for updates. Subscribe and receive emails that will let you know when your job has completed.


Export Table in CSV and XLSX Formats

The platform now supports table export in both CSV (non-gzipped) and XLSX formats.


Keboola Storage API Supports JSON in All Requests

When using form-data in an API request, you are limited to simple key-value pairs. However, this limitation can now be overcome by using JSON instead.


Storage Support in CLI

We are happy to announce that our Keboola CLI tool has new commands to operate on the Storage of your project.

Deprecation Platform

Deprecation and Removal of indexedColumns

We are deprecating the table attribute indexedColumns in the Storage API.

Deprecation Platform

Bucket and Table Attributes—Deprecation and Removal

We are deprecating Bucket Attributes and Table Attributes in the Storage API.

Platform Monthly

Month in Review: December 2022

December was very intense in terms of the changes we made to the product. Here are the major updates, plus a few smaller but important changes.


Global Search in Project

Finding the information you need can sometimes be difficult. To help you with this we recently introduced Global Search.