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Deprecation Platform

All Calls to Storage API Synchronous Methods That Have Asynchronous Counterparts Are Deprecated

Following the deprecation of synchronous calls to create a workspace, we're deprecating any remaining synchronous calls with an asynchronous alternative.

Deprecation Platform

Synchronous Create Workspace Calls Have Been Deprecated

We are continually adding features. Each new feature often requires resources on the backend databases, which makes creating workspaces more demanding and time-outs more likely.


Flows — A New Way to Create Data Pipelines

Our flow builder has been released to GA. It offers great new features.


Month in Review: November 2022

Various changes were made in November: notifications for all configurations, two new templates, and a big set of UI updates.


Month in Review: October 2022

Here are all the changes we made in October, 2022, including new templates, dbt, and various important updates.