Telemetry Update: New PPU Field

We're about to introduce a new field to improve the monitoring of your PPU expenses and help you estimate potential savings.


Scheduled Maintenance for Keboola AWS and Azure Stacks – March and April 2024

We would like to inform you about the planned maintenance of Keboola stacks hosted on AWS and Azure.


New Data Source for Google Cloud Storage

The Keboola platform keeps adding to its already large selection of connectors that are at your disposal. This time, we're adding a data source that loads files from Google Cloud Storage.


ChartMogul Data Source

We're pleased to announce a new data source connector, ChartMogul, in the Keboola platform.


OneDrive Files Data Source

Get ready to try another data source connector we're prepared for you: OneDrive Files.


New Data Source for YouTube Reporting

We're introducing a YouTube Reporting API connector! This connector allows you to automate data retrieval from YouTube Analytics reports.


New Data Source for the Mapbox API

We're pleased to introduce the beta version of our Mapbox connector, a tool that enhances your data with Mapbox API capabilities.


New Data Source for Google Display & Video 360

Introducing our latest addition—a new component facilitating seamless data retrieval from Google Display & Video 360 Reports.


New Data Source for Google Campaign Manager 360

We're excited to introduce a new component that simplifies data retrieval from Google Campaign Manager 360.


New Data Source for MS Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

We're introducing a new addition—a beta version of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations extractor!