New HiBob Data Source

We are introducing a new component for extracting data from the HiBob HR platform.


Project Consumption Dashboard (Beta)

We are releasing a beta of a Project Consumption dashboard.


Jobs Graph Improvements

The graph of all the runs related to a specific job, either based on the job detail or in flow, has been slightly redesigned to offer you an even better overview of older and newer job runs.


Telemetry: Classification Changes for Data Apps

We are continually streamlining our offerings and providing clearer categorizations. Thus, we have made a significant change to how Keboola data apps are classified within our system.

Platform UI/UX

SQL Workspaces Update

We're thrilled to reveal the next chapter in Keboola's journey, which is continuing to harness the power of Snowflake. Building upon our recently acquired "Powered by Snowflake" status, we're now entering a new phase of innovation that will elevate your data experience.

Update to the Salesforce Data Source

We have added an option that allows you to preview the results of your custom queries for the Salesforce extractor.


Updates to the Google My Business Data Source

We have updated the Google My Business extractor so that it works with the newest Google Business Profile APIs.


Changes in Structure of Data Flow Templates

Data flow templates have undergone significant changes to enhance their functionality and usability. As part of these improvements, we have restructured the templates based on data sources, providing you with greater flexibility and customization options.


New Outbound IP Addresses for Keboola Connection: Last Call

This is a reminder that the deadline to update your whitelist for the new outbound IP addresses is approaching. It is crucial to act before June 30, 2023, to avoid any disruption to your connectivity.

Monthly Platform

Month in Review: May 2023

The main feature we released in May was feature toggling. Also, the dbt transformation component was updated, and we added reverse DNS entries for all our IP addresses in specific stacks.