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2024 Release 1 - Data Management


2024 Release 1 - Intelligence


2024 Release 1 - Enterprise Ready

New Log-Based CDC Database Connectors

We're introducing new log-based database connectors for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle.


New Generic Extractor UI

We're introducing our new Generic Extractor User Interface!

Components Platform

Important Update: Scheduled Migration of Your Data Apps

We are pleased to announce an upcoming upgrade to our data apps that requires your action.

Platform Components

Exciting Updates on Keboola Templates!

We have some great news to share: We are releasing a new eCommerce template, along with repository enhancements and a new version of the Keboola Sheets data app.


New Component – Email SMTP Sender

We're excited to announce that we've added a new application to the Keboola platform for handling outgoing email messages.


New Component – Flow Runner

The Flow Runner is another application ready for you on the Keboola platform. For now, it is available in beta.