Copy Workspace to Transformation

We rolled out the next set of improvements for transformations and workspaces.

Cover Image for Copy Workspace to Transformation

It is now possible to copy an existing workspace configuration to an existing transformation.

The recent release also includes:

  • Workspaces which are being created are now also displayed in the transformations workspaces tab
  • The create workspace button used in a transformation is now split into two separate buttons - create new workspace and copy to existing workspace
  • When you create a new workspace from a transformation or a transformation from a workspace we automatically fill in the description with info about the source configuration

New Shared Codes Detail Page

We'd like to announce the introduction of a new detail page for Shared Codes.

Cover Image for New Shared Codes Detail Page

Shared Codes are now treated the same way as other components.

This means that on top of being able to edit the Shared Code's name, variables, and code, just like you used to be able to, you can now also give it a description, view and compare its versions, or roll back to one of its previous versions.

To learn more, visit our documentation.


Collapsible Mappings and Improved Drag and Drop

Another set of UX improvements focusing on Mappings, Code Blocks and Codes is deployed to the Keboola Connection platform.

Cover Image for Collapsible Mappings and Improved Drag and Drop


  • Mappings with incremental load or with a data filter are now displayed with a double arrow icon, so that you can tell them apart from other mappings at a glance
  • All mapping boxes can be now collapsed

Code blocks and Codes

  • Dragging is now done using the icons next to blocks' and codes' names
  • Name editing is now done using the edit icon next a code's name
  • Editing codes' names is now done in an edit modal instead of inline

Oracle Extractor - Increased defaultRowPrefetch Value

To speed up queries to a database that return multiple rows we updated the `defaultRowPrefetch` value to `5000` in Oracle Database Extractor.


GoodData Available in Azure North Europe

Sending data to GoodData platform in Azure North Europe stack was requested many times. We heard your feedback and modified a GoodData component to work also in the Azure North Europe stack.

Cover Image for GoodData Available in Azure North Europe

The GoodData component is now available in the Azure North Europe stack. Read about sending data to GoodData in our documentation.


New Storage UI Available to Everyone

New Storage is now available to all users on every stack! Its aim is to improve your experience of exploring your data.

Cover Image for New Storage UI Available to Everyone

We are thrilled to present to you the new Storage UI, with a new look and enhanced features.

Besides its redesigned layout, you can also enjoy some added features, such as an overview of all buckets and tables on one screen, with bulk actions for buckets.

On the table level view, you will find a brand new Data Preview with advanced filter options or "Usage" tab. One more additional feature that improves searches is a little pop-up you can open on the bucket/table detail. It gives you a quick overview of the context you are in (e.g., last searched query, filters, and more).


Development Branches Improvements

To provide you a better experience when working with Development branches, two minor changes just landed into Keboola Connection.

Cover Image for Development Branches Improvements

The first addition is a small orange bar on the top of your screen, which is displayed when you are working in a development branch. The bar is fixed to the top of the window, so that you always know if you are working safely in one of your development branches.

The second one is a new "back to production" alert. We will alert you every time you switch from a development branch to a production branch, with an option to disable the alert.

Check out the documentation as well.


Data Sources, Data Destinations, and New Components Page

We are excited to announce a new page for components, scaffolds, and configurations. The new Components page also introduces new names for extractors and writers, which are now called data sources and data destinations.

Cover Image for Data Sources, Data Destinations, and New Components Page

From now on, you can find all available data sources (extractors), data destinations (writers), and applications in the new Components directory. To make looking for them easier, we've sorted the most used components into categories.

The new Components page has three sections:

  • Directory – the place where all available components can be found
  • Scaffolds – pre-defined sets of component configurations, from which you can select the ones that suit you best
  • My Configurations – all your configured data sources, data destinations, and applications

This change is currently available to all users in the Azure North Europe stack.


Native Font Stack

For optimized text rendering on various devices and operating systems we decided to switch from the Roboto font to native/system fonts.

Cover Image for Native Font Stack

From now on, all texts in Keboola Connection will be rendered using a system font based on your operating system.

This will improve load times, prevent FOUT/FOIT (flash of unstyled or invisible text), and add a better look and feel to the UI.


Row-Action Buttons

Frequently used row-action buttons were moved out of the action dropdown menu.

Cover Image for Row-Action Buttons

As another part of our UX improvements, we moved the most frequently used action buttons from the action dropdown to make them accessible directly. We also made the buttons bigger.