Telemetry Update: Snowflake Writer Billing

Here is an important update about our Snowflake writer jobs on Queue v2.

We understand that this change may adversely affect some of our customers. After a lengthy grace period, we are transitioning Snowflake writer jobs to credit billing, the same as the other Keboola Connection writers.

Historically, we provided unlimited free Snowflake writer jobs to facilitate seamless integration with the Snowflake database, which has been a crucial component of our multi-tenant stack projects for several years. This has been essential in enhancing the functionality of data pipelines using Snowflake as their endpoint.

However, as more customers have adopted their Snowflake and other database backends, and with increasing usage and costs, we believe it's the right time to make this adjustment.

We acknowledge that it may cause difficulties to some of our customers. Be sure that we are committed to making this transition as smooth and predictable as possible. For our new customers, writer billing is effective immediately. For existing customers, no additional charges will be applied for past usage due to this change.

We understand that adapting to changes can be inconvenient. We will provide ample time for you to make this adjustment.

Customers who will be more significantly affected by this change will be contacted by their account managers, who will work with you to find mutually beneficial solutions. Some of you may find that your existing credit limits can cover the change, while for others, the increase in costs might be substantial.

We are dedicated to ensuring that no one is put in a difficult position due to this transition. In addition to the billing adjustment, we are updating our telemetry. Snowflake writer jobs, including historical ones, will now display values in time credits.

Customers who are not yet being billed for Snowflake writer jobs will continue to see zero billed credits, allowing everyone to analyze the effect of this change. Snowflake writers will be billed according to our general pricing, which is set at 0.2 credits per 1 GB of transferred data. 

Please note that this change applies only to Keboola Connection jobs. It does not affect the usage of Snowflake workspaces or sandboxes, or DWH direct queries, as these have always been billed.

We will greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation throughout this transition. Thank you for being a part of our community.

Note: The update of telemetry data is scheduled for next week. It will begin on November 20.