Deprecation Platform

Synchronous Create Workspace Calls Have Been Deprecated

We are continually adding features. Each new feature often requires resources on the backend databases, which makes creating workspaces more demanding and time-outs more likely.

The Create Workspace and Create Configuration Workspace API calls support both synchronous calls (you receive HTTP 200 and workspace details) and asynchronous calls (you send async=true and receive HTTP 202 and job details). The default is the synchronous call.

Given the rising number of time-outs when the underlying database has failed to create all the resources within the timescale for the request, we have had to deprecate synchronous calls.

We've been monitoring the usage of both types of call for some time and we've seen absolutely minimal usage of synchronous calls. Therefore, we believe that their deprecation and subsequent removal will not pose any serious issues for our users.

The removal date is January 31, 2023. At that time, asynchronous calls will become the default.