New Generic Extractor UI

We're introducing our new Generic Extractor User Interface!

New Generic Extractor UI

We are excited to present to you a new user interface for our Generic Extractor.

The Generic Extractor has undergone a significant update to enhance usability and streamline data extraction workflows. The key highlight of this release is the introduction of a new user-friendly visual UI that simplifies the previous JSON configuration method. This UI, designed to be intuitive even for users with limited technical expertise, allows the creation and configuration of connectors to a wide range of REST-like JSON APIs without the need for complex coding.

Key features:

  • Interactive Testing: The UI provides interactive testing of configurations with immediate feedback to reduce errors during the setup.
Response preview
  • Additional Authentication Methods: Common methods such as bearer token, API key authentication, and OAuth 2.0 client credentials have been added.
  • cURL Import: Create endpoint configurations automatically from a cURL command.
cURL import
  • Dynamic Function Templates: We've added the most common function templates. To validate the results, you can evaluate the function directly in the UI. These values can then be shared in other contexts, like query parameters or headers.
Function evaluation
  • Output Mapping Detection: The output mapping (JSON to result tables) can now be automatically detected from the response and modified further if needed.
  • Backward Compatibility: The new UI is backward compatible with most of the existing configuration. While some UI functionalities might not be available for some older configurations, that does not affect the connectors' functionality. Moreover, you can always switch back to the advanced JSON mode.

Learn more about the new functionalities of the Universal Extractor connectors in our documentation and our updated tutorial. If you have any queries or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.