New Telemetry Released

A new version of our telemetry has been released, and you can get the new data via the Telemetry Data extractor (a data source component).

All changes mentioned in the announcement post have been applied, but there is one additional change: a new table, kbc_branch, has been added. It contains info about the main and development branches in projects and can be joined to kbc_job so you can see the branch in which the job runs. Please note that jobs on the legacy queue are always marked as being run on the main branch. Only new-queue jobs are assigned to a particular development branch (if it has been used).

We remind you that all of the tables in the new telemetry contain changed primary keys. Hence, you need to process data in full in case there is some incremental processing taking place in your project. The Telemetry Data extractor will be forcing full load until the end of May.