New Data Source for Google Campaign Manager 360

We're excited to introduce a new component that simplifies data retrieval from Google Campaign Manager 360.

New Data Source for Google Campaign Manager 360
CM360 Configuration

Google Campaign Manager 360 is essential for orchestrating digital advertising campaigns, enabling precise ad placements across diverse channels. Our latest connector makes it easy to retrieve Campaign Manager 360 reports from multiple ad accounts, offering versatile functionalities for report management:

  1. Direct Custom Report Definition: Define customized reports directly in the UI, tailoring data extraction to specific requirements.
  2. Multiple Reports Selection: Easily select multiple reports with identical structures across different accounts, streamlining data aggregation.
  3. Template-Based Report Execution: Use an existing report as a template, running it across selected accounts for efficient data collection.

Main Features:

  • Automated retrieval of Campaign Manager 360 reports from multiple accounts
  • Direct custom report definition in the UI
  • Simplified selection of identical reports across multiple accounts
  • Template-based execution of existing reports across selected accounts
  • Enhanced efficiency in campaign data collection and aggregation

Learn more about the functionalities and setup process of the Google Campaign Manager 360 connector in our documentation. If you have any inquiries or feedback, please feel free to contact us.