New Data Source for Google Display & Video 360

Introducing our latest addition—a new component facilitating seamless data retrieval from Google Display & Video 360 Reports.

New Data Source for Google Display & Video 360
DV360 Configuration

This new component is designed to streamline the process of data extraction from Google Display & Video 360. It allows users to automate the retrieval of reports already configured in the DV360 Report Builder, as well as to create ad-hoc reports directly within the setup.

This connector also empowers users to effortlessly fetch both customized and predefined reports, providing a comprehensive overview of their advertising campaigns. In addition, it facilitates efficient data collection across various campaigns and allows simultaneous retrieval across multiple accounts. Users can select the granularity and time frame for incremental data fetching to meet diverse analytical needs.

Main features:

  • Automates the retrieval of existing or ad-hoc reports from Google Display & Video 360
  • Enables custom report generation and retrieval
  • Facilitates scheduled downloads of predefined reports via DV360 Report Builder
  • Supports incremental data fetching based on user-defined parameters

Learn more about the functionalities and setup process of the Google Display & Video 360 connector in our documentation. If you have any inquiries or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.