Platform Monthly

Month in Review: August 2022

Some platform changes are too small to be announced separately. From now on you will learn about all Keboola updates, big or small, in a monthly digest. We'll keep announcing bigger changes as they come out.

This is the first Month in Review from Keboola Changelog. We hope you find this digest useful. If you wish to be notified about all changes in the Keboola platform by email, make sure to subscribe.

New Components

Several new components were published in August, namely:

  • FileMaker, to extract layout data from the FileMaker relational database;
  • K2, to extract data objects from the K2 ERP information system.

Telemetry Updates

Also, two minor improvements were made to Telemetry (and the related component).

UI Updates

  • We have added lazy loading to some pages, so the first load is faster.
  • The Load More button has been replaced by automatic load (the so-called "infinite scroll") on some pages.
  • Storage Files can now be deleted in a batch – multiple files at once.

Other Minor Updates

IMPORTANT: Planned Maintenance

Here is a look ahead, rather than news about updates already made.

On September 24, 2022, between 10:00 and 10:30 CET, maintenance of the AWS EU (eu-central-1) stack will take place. This update may cause delays of up to 30 minutes in processing storage jobs. Read more in this status post.