Platform UI/UX

Improved Phases in Orchestrations

Orchestration jobs in Queue V2 now clearly show phases and the child jobs within phases.

Details of an orchestration job with phases and child jobs

These enhancements are related to fundamental changes to the orchestration engine. As a result, the orchestration phases are now treated as individual jobs (container jobs). When you click a phase job, you can now see its child jobs in detail.

Orchestration phase detail

You can navigate back to the orchestration using the “Parent job” link.

The list of jobs also shows the orchestration phases:

Orchestration phases in the list of jobs

When an orchestration starts, all its phase jobs are created. If a phase depends on other phases (e.g., on a transformation phase and an extractor phase), it will be in a waiting state until the dependent phase has successfully finished.

The goal of the above changes is to give more visibility to what is happening in the orchestration. It also means that the orchestration phases can start and finish faster; therefore, the overall orchestration time should drop. Note that none of these changes have any effect on billing or credit consumption.

The described changes will be deployed on a per project basis (applies only to  Queue V2 projects) during the following days.