Building Data Pipelines with Flows (Public Beta)

Introducing a visual data pipeline builder. Building and automating your pipelines has never been easier.

Building Data Pipelines with Flows (Public Beta)

Flows is a fast and simple way to create data pipelines in a drag-and-drop user interface. It makes it possible for non-technical users to work with Keboola as well. In addition, updates of Flows are supported by our CLI!

Building data pipelines can be complicated, from juggling the challenges of multiple data sources and formats, requiring advanced programming knowledge to create transformations, to understanding the difficulties of adjusting your loading process to tailor it to every data destination’s specific conditions. All this will become much easier with Flows. You can visually prepare the data pipeline from one place and ask your colleagues to check it and add technical details.

Bring all your desired components into the flow builder, create data flows by dragging and dropping the components together on a single screen, and even schedule and automate your data pipelines with the click of a button.

How do you use Flows?

Just click Flows in the menu and follow the quick guide.

What you can do with Flows:

  • Drag & drop any components into Flows canvas and organize them into steps visually.
  • Set up, for any user, notifications when the flow fails, ends successfully, is processing longer than usual, etc.
  • Run or terminate the flow directly from the flow builder.
  • Retry the last run with a selected task or only with the failed ones.
  • Observe interactively how the flow is running task by task.
  • Set & edit task parameters directly from Flows (this used to be available in our old orchestrations and now it's back in Flows).