February API Changes

A digest of Keboola Connection API changes in February 2022: Branch Metadata, Branch Support in Workspaces, Job Success Notifications.

This post is a digest of API changes made during February 2022. The new features introduced by these changes are not yet completely available in the UI. This post does not describe any changes to the UI. As usual, the API changes are completely backwards compatible, except for the planned deprecation.

Storage API

The Create or Update Table Metadata API call  now accepts the columnsMetadata field along with the metadata field. This allows the setting of a metadata table and all its columns in one API call. At the same time, the old API call to Create or Update Table Metadata which accepts the data in "form-urlencoded" format is being deprecated. There is no planned date for its removal.

A Branch Metadata endpoint is now available. This allows you to set metadata for an entire development branch. These can be used to add an extended description of the branch purpose, for example.

The Create Trigger API call no longer requires a master token. Table triggers can now be configured via tokens with limited permissions.

Workspaces API

Workspaces (Sandboxes) can now be created in a branch. The Create Workspace API call now accepts the branchId parameter. The List Workspaces API call also accepts the branchId parameter.

Workspaces (Sandboxes) now have a new parameter, sizeParameters, showing the allocated size of the persistent volume associated with the workspace (if using persistent volumes). The parameter is available both in Workspace List and Workspace Detail.

Notification API

The Notification API now allows you to Set Subscriptions for job-succeeded and phase-job-succeeded events. You can now receive a notification every time a given configuration job is successful.