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Exciting Updates on Keboola Templates!

We have some great news to share: We are releasing a new eCommerce template, along with repository enhancements and a new version of the Keboola Sheets data app.

New eCommerce Template: It's here! Choose from three data sources: Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. Plus, the BDM is now even more straightforward.

⚠️ Universal Analytics Deprecated: Templates with universal analytics are now marked as deprecated. A GA4 template is already available, and we also have a new version of AdsPlatforms without universal analytics.

🔒 Kai-Promptlab Update: Streamlit auth is now disabled by default in the Kai-Promptlab data app.

🔧 Repository Enhancements: The new CLI update includes requirements in the repository, clearly identifying the backend and components needed for templates to run smoothly. This means that template availability can differ across stacks, which prevents errors caused by unsupported or disabled features or components.

📈 Keboola Sheets Data App Update: We have updated the Keboola Sheets data app, and it now offers a new version with an improved, sleek layout. This update allows the user to edit data from Keboola Storage and to import CSV files into Keboola Storage. Note that the provided storage token may limit the functionality.

🐞 Bug Fixes: Various bugs have been squashed to improve the user experience.

Dive in and start exploring!