Development Branches in Public Beta

Development branches are now available in public beta on the Azure North Europe stack for new and existing projects. They allow you to safely modify component configurations without interfering with your production data.

Development Branches in Public Beta

You can create a new branch from the production state, make changes to configurations and run jobs without worrying about production data. Configurations and output data are stored separately from production for each development branch.

This comes in handy when you want to make changes to your live or business critical project, but wish to test them first. Instead of cloning the project to a new one and testing your changes in it, you can create a new development branch as part of this critical project and try the changes there. After you make sure that your changes will not break anything, you can merge the development branch back into production.

Learn more about development branches in an introductory tutorial.

Public beta means that some features may not work as expected or may be disabled in the context of a development branch. Please bear with us and give us feedback at