Deprecation: Using Incorrect Object IDs in API Calls

We are deprecating the option to use incorrect object IDs in API calls.

Historically, you could use any object ID that contained sufficient information in some API endpoints. For example, in an API endpoint that requires a bucket with ID in.c-myBucket, you could provide table in.c-myBucket.myTable or column ID in.c-myBucket.myTable.createdAt instead, and it would work by picking the "bucket part" from the table or column ID.

As this has caused hard-to-debug bugs, we have decided to deprecate this option.

We'll first internally log any usage of the deprecated functionality and reach out to customers who are actively using it. Only after that will the API endpoints return errors (HTTP 404, as the bucket/table would not be found) if an incorrect ID is used. The approximate timeline is that we will start logging the deprecations next week and aim to disable the functionality by the end of April if feasible.