Deprecating Project Descriptions

The option to set a project’s description via the project create and update Management API calls will no longer be available.

We are removing the option to set the description of a project using the project create and update Management API calls. From May 23, 2022, the “description” parameter of the above-mentioned API calls will be ignored. The project description will also be removed from all API responses that return this data.

All existing project descriptions will be migrated into the default development branch metadata under the KBC.projectDescription key. From the UI perspective, there will be no changes.

The migration will include the following steps:

  • Our UI will start saving project descriptions to both destinations (project detail and metadata).
  • Our UI will start reading the description from branch metadata with a fallback to project detail if the metadata are not present.
  • We will migrate all descriptions from the project detail to branch metadata, and our UI will no longer store the descriptions in the project detail.
  • Descriptions in the project detail will be removed from parameters for and responses to API calls.

This change means that, during the transition period, if you save your project descriptions manually via an API call, you will also need to call the mentioned dev branch metadata endpoint and set the metadata value for the default branch with the key KBC.projectDescription. In other words, during the transition period, you will need to temporarily store the project description in both the project detail and metadata.

After May 23, 2022, the only way in which you will be able to set or change project descriptions will be with the dev branch metadata endpoint. We will let you know in a separate post when the old Management APIs will stop changing the description.