Changes in Structure of Data Flow Templates

Data flow templates have undergone significant changes to enhance their functionality and usability. As part of these improvements, we have restructured the templates based on data sources, providing you with greater flexibility and customization options.

Changes in Structure of Data Flow Templates

Simplified Data Source Selection

With the updated data flow templates, you can now easily choose the specific data you want to utilize from different applications. During the template setup process, simply select the desired data sources, and then proceed to the wizard, where you can conveniently select one of the provided data destinations.

Custom Data Destinations

We understand that every business has unique requirements for data destinations. If none of the provided options meet your needs, you have the freedom to skip the selection step and directly map the transformed data into a data destination of your choice. This flexibility allows you to seamlessly integrate your data flow with your preferred destination.

Migrating from Previous Templates

If you have previously used one of our templates, it's important to note that the template flow needs to be migrated manually. You have two options for migration:

  1. Utilize the New Template: Start with the new template and incorporate the “use full load“ feature for your data sources. This will ensure a smooth transition and compatibility with the updated structure.
  2. Transfer Data Source Configuration: Alternatively, you can manually insert the data from your old data source configuration into the new data from the data source configuration. This will enable you to leverage the improved functionality while preserving your existing data.

We are excited about these changes in our data flow templates, which are designed to empower you with more control and flexibility in managing your data. Should you have any questions or need assistance with the migration process, our support team is here to help.

Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we continue to refine and expand our data flow template offerings.