Telemetry: Classification Changes for Data Apps

We are continually streamlining our offerings and providing clearer categorizations. Thus, we have made a significant change to how Keboola data apps are classified within our system.

What's Changing?

Reclassification of Keboola Data Apps:

  • Previously: Data apps were categorized under 'Data Science Sandboxes'.
  • Now: Data apps will have their own distinct category named 'Data Apps'.

Billing Implications:

  • Data apps will no longer contribute toward the billing consumption of data science sandboxes.
  • If you have been using data apps, this change will likely affect you. You may notice a decrease in consumption costs for data science sandboxes as the consumption for data apps is now being tracked separately.

Migration of Existing Data Apps:

  • All data apps previously created under the 'Data Science Sandboxes' category will be automatically moved to the new 'Data Apps' category.
  • Users do not need to take any action; the migration will be seamless and will not affect the functionality of your data apps.

When Will This Change Take Effect?

The changes mentioned above will be effective from 23rd August 2023.

For Telemetry Data Extractor Users:

Full loads will be enforced for the tables kbc_data_science_sandbox and kbc_usage_metrics_values until 31st August so that any changes are correctly reflected in the telemetry data.

We understand that changes can sometimes lead to questions or concerns. Please reach out to our support team if you need clarification of anything or have any queries related to this update.