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Google Analytics: A Major Component Update

The Google Analytics component now supports the Data API, incremental loading, and configuration rows, and it has a simplified UI.

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest changes to the Google Analytics data source component.

Data API Support

In addition to the Universal Analytics API, you can now also use the newer Data API, which, besides many other advantages, allows access to the new properties introduced in Google Analytics 4. These two APIs can be combined together inside one configuration. When selecting a profile, you will see the Data API identifier. If you select profiles from both API types, the endpoint option of the query configuration allows you to choose which one should be used.

Extract Only New Data

When setting up a query configuration, you can now opt in for incremental load. This feature will fetch only data added since the last run. This option is in the modal window used when setting up the Date Range parameter. Note that when loading data with this option for the first time, the component will get data as old as your account can provide.

Queries Are Now Configuration Rows

Until now, you could create multiple queries inside one configuration. The structure is the same, but instead of queries, you now create rows. This change will offer you advantages of the standardized structure of configuration rows that you know from other components.

Note: We will automatically migrate your old configurations to configuration rows.

Simplified UI for PAYG Users

To make Keboola more accessible to newcomers, we have developed a simplified UI for the Google Analytics data source component. Besides a simpler configuration screen, some of the most common use cases are available as predefined queries. To fetch data, all you have to do is authorize the access to the service, pick a profile, and select the desired dataset. If you need something more sophisticated than any of these predefined queries, just switch to advanced mode and get access to the full range of settings.