2024 Release 1 - Enterprise Ready

Real-Time Data Streaming (General Availability coming soon)

Transform the way you tap into real-time data.


Data Streams is a new way to receive streaming event data without the need for a go-between, or any additional steps. It enables users to send ad-hoc messages directly to Data Warehouses like Snowflake or BigQuery, offering real-time data ingestion, and simplified integration, enabling you to react faster and automate processes.


  • Data Analysts: Immediate access to real-time data without any intermediaries, enabling faster insights and analysis.
  • Data Engineers: Simplify the data ingestion process by directly sending ad-hoc events to Data Warehouse Keboola storage.
  • DataScientists: Empowering advanced analytics and machine learning models for deeper insights and predictive capabilities.
  • Business users: Cost-effective real-time data ingestion, enabling timely and accurate information for better decision-making.

Example Use Cases

  • Budget management: E-commerce: Get real-time updates of sales, customer data and shipping information from your online store platform.
  • Marketing: Automatically trigger campaigns in your marketing automation tool based on specific events or data changes in your CRM.
  • IoT devices: Send 1000 of events per second from IoT devices and easily customize the stream message structure in the UI and how it should materialize into your warehouse.
  • IT operations: Monitor and respond to system events and alerts from your monitoring tool, or automatically update your incident management system when an issue is resolved.
  • HR: Automatically update your employee records and payroll system when new hires or employee data changes occur in your HRIS.
  • Webhook in the web application: Connect to our datastream and trigger a Keboola Flow once any new event appears in the system.

Activity Center (General Availability)

Enterprise-Ready - Maximize performance, prevent overconsumption


Gain access to detailed data usage for deep dive analytics & security purposes. Activity Center provides you with dashboards and reports for effective consumption management, users activity and projects health monitoring. Get full data governance, observability and telemetry.


Data Analysts and Engineers: Manage consumption and impact of changes; monitor and troubleshoot data flows.

Data Scientists: Assess the performance and usage of data models.

Business Users: Manage consumption budget and plan for necessary increases.

Example Use Cases

  • Security Operations (SecOps): Monitor and analyze platform usage and user data to ensure security compliance, and regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Financial Operations (FinOps): Integrates and displays data flow costs directly within the platform, enabling transparent financial management and cost attribution.
  • Operational excellence: Maximize system-wide performance and proactively identify problems.

Learn more about Activity Center.