Components UI/UX

New Components Page Available to Everyone

The new Components page introduces new names for extractors and writers. They are now called data sources and data destinations.

New Components Page Available to Everyone

From now on, all available data sources (extractors), data destinations (writers), and applications can be found in the new Components directory. To make looking for them easier, we've sorted the most used components into categories.

The new Components page has three sections:

  • Directory – the place where all available components can be found.
  • Data Templates – pre-defined sets of component configurations, from which you can select the ones that suit you best (not available for all projects).
  • My Configurations – all your configured data sources, data destinations, and applications.

This change is available to all users and for all stacks.

Note: Currently, there's also the option to turn off the new Components page. You can keep using the old Components page until November 30th, 2021. After this date the new Components page will be turned on for everyone.